Thursday 11 May 2017

Autism research at IMFAR 2017: a few ones to watch...

As I always seem to do at this time of year, I offer up a sort of 'highlights' post of what there is to see at the premier annual autism research event called IMFAR (The International Meeting for Autism Research) this year, and what we can perhaps expect to see in the not-to-distant-future in the peer-reviewed science domain. No, I'm not in San Francisco for the event, but I am most definitely interested in some of the science being presented.

If you are a Twitterer(!), there is a hashtag to accompany this years IMFAR meeting (#IMFAR2017) so as to follow proceedings on social media. A few choice abstracts for your attention then, in no particular order:

In addition, a few papers also talk about research that has already appeared in the peer-reviewed science domain and some important 'where next?' questions/answers:

I believe there is something for everyone in that list of papers. Of course there is lots more science being presented on too so I'd encourage everyone to peruse the conference proceedings...


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