Tuesday 22 July 2014

Medical comorbidities in autism

A very quick micropost to direct you to the second version of the document: 'Medical comorbidities in autism spectrum disorders' published by Treating Autism, a group based here in Blighty.

Covering a fair chunk of the peer-reviewed science examining the various medical comorbidities which seems to crop up with some regularity when a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is made, this free document (complete with a 6 page reference list) is pretty comprehensive.

The message is quite a clear one: under-diagnosis of medical comorbidity and the prospect of barriers to accessing appropriate healthcare represent significant challenges to those diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Hence, receipt of a diagnosis of autism "should represent the beginning of medical investigation and assessment, not the end".

Congratulations go to all those who contributed to this document and in particular, Natasa, for her hard-work in bringing this important primer to fruition. So, please, disseminate far and wide...

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