Friday 26 August 2011

Obesity, obesity, obesity

Dear readers, please do not assume that the direction of this blog has changed as my posts start to include a little more than just musings on autism research. I assure you they have not and more autism research posts are scheduled within the next few days.

Today (Friday 26th August 2011) the Lancet carries a series of articles about obesity. The collected works can be viewed here. The BBC website also carries an item about this set of papers and summarises some of the main findings and suggestions to tackle our rising rates of the condition.

I'm not going to say too much more about this aside from the fact that the issue of obesity and the rising rates is probably not as simple as 'eat less, exercise more'. I have already covered this in previous posts (here and here). We need to look at the types of food which are being consumed in ever increasing quantities, why our thriving 'low-fat' food market does not seem to be 'cutting the mustard' and how messages about health and wellbeing are communicated to the masses.

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