Tuesday 16 August 2011


A very, very quick post this one. I am just watching the BBC programme 'My hoarder mum and me' in which the presenter Jasmine Harman discusses in quite some depth the various issues raised by her mum, Vasoulla and her extreme hoarding behaviour. Both mum and daughter are quite brave to allow such candid access to perhaps a most secretive condition.

I don't know a lot about hoarding other than that which I have come across in the odd research article and so this programme is a real eye-opener on just how how much material can be accumulated and how there is genuine pain and anguish when it comes to clearing such collections. What perhaps strikes me from watching the programme is the focus on 'functionality' by the hoarder. A perfect example being the question raised by one of Vasoulla's sons on why she has kept some old stereo speaker; the reply being because of the 'magnets' and how useful they could be for picking up paperclips.

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