Friday 29 April 2011

Your Royal Highnesseseses

OK, nothing to do with research or anything else but today is the big day for HRH and Kate Middleton.
As a man, my default response to this televisual event should be 'I'm not going to watch' and various murmurings about going to the pub or taking the kids to the seaside instead to take advantage of the extra Bank holiday.
Truth is I am actually quite interested to see the whole event and the various Morning suits being brushed off and worn for the happy couples' day. If anything else just to answer that question 'where were you when..'. I don't have any particular opinion about the Monarchy or anything like that, just curious.
I can't resist posting a few links for viewers loosely related to today's event.
There is this one from a well-known mobile phone company which is currently doing the rounds.
And just in case you do fancy a drink instead of watching the Royal event, how about a drop of this new brew to celebrate?
Good luck your Royal Highnesseseses.

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