Friday 1 April 2011

Is 'gut health' entering mainstream medicine?

A short post this one following quite a few busy evenings of blogging.
My BMC alerts are certainly paying dividends with the papers they are revealing. Today I received another paper from BMC Medicine titled: 'Gut health': a new objective in medicine?
The paper, which is my favourite kind, open-access, is from this chap and is a review article on the various workings of the gut, including gut barrier function, tied into various biological systems and diseases/conditions. It serves as quite a good overview of gut function and mentions quite a bit about pharmcotherapeutics in relation to the gut. Importantly also is the discussion on the gut microflora; which quite nicely reminds me of a new post in the pipeline for this blog coming up in the next few days (oh he's such a self-publicist!)
Anyway, enjoy the article.

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