Wednesday 1 May 2013

Autism research at IMFAR 2013

"Kaixo!" That's hello by the way in Basque, or at least I think it is.

The beautiful Basque Country is currently welcoming the 2013 IMFAR conference and its delegates to its shores, as once again one of the premier autism research conferences brings together the minds (and souls) of many an autism researcher.
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As per my previous posts on the IMFAR conference series - the 2011 conference and 2012 conference - hopes are high that more advances are being made into the autisms, their aetiology and pathology, and importantly those all-important real-world applicable findings to help improve quality of life for those on the spectrum, and their loved ones.

Well, the request for press coverage certainly looks interesting... including something about Kelly the Robot(!) and already some discussion on arbaclofen (see here), a drug which has already graced this blog. Indeed I am sad not to be able to attend the event.

With my research blogging hat on, IMFAR offers a tantalising look at what peer-reviewed research publications one might expect to see appearing in the coming months and onwards what I can expect to be discussing on this blog in the not-too-distant-future.

Enough of the chatter, a few sessions and abstracts which caught my eye from the searchable abstract finder:

No doubt there will be more to see and hear from the conference over the coming days. To close, hopefully no-one will need to use this phrase whilst in the Basque Country, but just in case... "Abokatu batekin hitz egin nahi dut". [roughly translated: "I want to talk to a lawyer".] Agur!

P.S. Jon Brock over at Cracking The Enigma is also presenting a couple of posters.

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