Wednesday 27 June 2012

Will that do NICEly for adults with autism?

A very quick post to bring to readers attention the publication today of the second strand of guidance on autism issued by the UK National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) looking at adults on the autism spectrum (full-text of document available here).

Many people, people with autism, their parents and professionals, will no doubt have already heard about NICE and the guidance being developed to cover the autism spectrum conditions in terms of diagnosis, care and management (see previous post); setting standards to cover what was quite a variable approach to autism throughout the lifespan.

The first strand of guidance examining the issues and best practices on the pathways to diagnosis of autism in children and young adults (see here) has already been published.

The final strand looking at the management of autism in children and young people (here) remains under development with an expected publication date of November 2013.

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