Thursday 31 March 2011

When it works, it works well

Another short post. Don't worry (or perhaps worry), I have a few more detailed posts on various topics coming up in the next few days or so.

Anyway, I read this morning a press release about the issue of autism and wandering. 'Wandering' is an issue in the spotlight at the moment following quite a lot of chatter at the US IACC meetings for example; based on what is often, a common problem in autism which can have very tragic consequences.

My post does not relate specifically to wandering; instead to the very welcome meeting of minds who are becoming involved in looking at this issue.

Reading the press release and other blogs it is heartening to see that groups like Autism Speaks, the Autism Science Foundation and the Autism Research Institute, who perhaps share some differences of opinion on several matters related to autism, can put their differences aside and 'team up' on important issues such as this.

A case of when it works, it works well.

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