Saturday 19 February 2011

Post 001.1 v1.1 etc.

I should, I suppose, say something meaningful and thought provoking as an introduction to this blog. Truth of the matter is that I can't think of anything to start this blog in such a way, so I won't. I will reiterate that this blog is about science and research predominantly related to autism spectrum conditons but no doubt will include other things too. I will sometimes use terms interchangably; so instead of autism spectrum conditions, I might just write autism (to save my typing). Comments are welcome but please keep it civil (no swearing!). I know that many people have very different views of autism and in some cases there is genuine emotion about various issues related to the condition. I am not offering any specific viewpoint and even when presenting my own research on the topic will try and keep it as objective as possible.
God bless this blog and all that sail with it.

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