Tuesday 4 October 2011

As if to prove a point

I don't really like the phrase 'I told you so'. It always seems a little bit too smug. The kind of thing that Mums and Dads say to their children when they fall off the sofa whilst trying to copy surfers on the TV or indeed much admired superheros like the Silver Surfer (yes, that was me standing on the sofa doing my best Norrin Radd impression and failing). Much better to say something like 'as if to prove a point' so as not to come across as quite such a know-it-all mums and dads.

I say all this because a letter published in Nature today by Kerri Smith* reiterates a post a few days back on how our research focus really needs to start giving more to mental as well as physical ill-health. $1 trillion dollars a year is the price tag associated with the direct and indirect costs of 'brain disorders' in Europe alone to any health economists out there. Granted the words 'brain disorder' are not the best description that I would use (is a headache a brain disorder?) but you can't argue with the financials and the need for a lot more explanation of mental ill-health, at the same time trying to improve symptoms and quality of life whatever that is taken to mean.

There's very little more to say on this topic aside from 'as if to prove a point' and provide a link to some surfing dudes.. rad man!

* Smith K. Trillion-dollar brain drain. Nature. 4 October 2011. doi:10.1038/478015a

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